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  1. Register as a Store 

  2. Wait for contact and approval of store from Admin.

  3. Once store is approved, Login to Android App Kambolam store or Kambolam.com using Login as store link. There the seller can set up his store by changing the logo, setting sliders and cover page, add or delete or edit products , prices and view the invoices for managing sales and stock.

      1. Shop settings: Seller can setup his store 

      2. log in

      3. Store owner can view, change status and delete any products or invoice from the list.

        Subscription Package and payment details will be updated soon.

  1. As a customer, wit the help of categories or directly by doing to a specific store, select  the products you want to purchase.
  2. Click on the ‘Add to cart’ button of any product which you want to purchase
  3. The products which are added to cart will be in the right side of middle header portion.Distance of the store form your location set in the top location tab will be displayed for  your information.
  4. From there, go to checkout page. 
  5. Log in to your account using authenticated email  phone number& password or you can login through social media(Facebook & google). If you already logged in, follow the next step.
  6. In the checkout page, you can apply the coupon if it is provided to you. Edit the list by adding or deleting quantity of each product. Then click ‘next’.
  7. Your default address will be displayed on screen. If you want the delivery to be done at a different address click on the link provided and enter the address where you want to deliver your products. Make sure to use the marker on google map to locate exact building for correct delivery.Then click ‘next’.
  8. Choose your payment method. (currently all orders are kept as cash on delver where you can contact seller directly to settle payment.
  9. System will generate an invoice for your purchase. along with contact details of the seller, navigate button to guide you reach the seller etc.You can print the invoice.
  10. See the status update of the order by checking your order history.

Yes any one can sell products as classified ads up to 2 number of ads are allowed for individuals free of charge. Register as a Customer and add product in classifieds